How to Recognize the Original Agarwal Packers and Movers

There are a lot of fraudulent companies that are entering the packing and moving business and then creating a web for all the innocent customers and then doing everything properly. This is ultimately going to be very important for you once you will get to know about it in the most appropriate way.
If you want to go with the online process then you make sure you go to the original website only for which the link is and if you want to make a phone call then the only number on which you can call is 09 300 300 300.

In case you are planning to relocate from any moving company then make sure you are much aware of all the fake companies because there are always chances that they would evade with your possessions and money. There are a lot of fraudsters in this particular sector who are pitching people via internet and from the other mediums. Often there are companies who tell you that they are associated with the most reliable moving company and will help you in booking your move and also make the process much easier. They entice them the moving services at a very less price and such low prices are generally unfairly displayed with brand associations. You cannot finalize deal with such company at the cost of precious goods possessed over your hard-earned money.

Some simple tips for the recognition Agarwal packers and movers

• The contact number 09 300 300 300

• Logo of Mr Ramesh Agarwal’s own picture who is the chairman of the company, this is the registered logo of the company

You should be very cautious while booking your move because on an average 47 people get trapped every day, like anyone around so this is the reason you should always be aware of all these things properly.

These are a few things that are going to help you in recognizing the original packers and movers of your country.

Here are the USPs that original APML provides:


These carriers were introduced to bridge the gap and the wait that you have to do when you receive one thing from your consignment and the vehicle. These carries are large enough to transport your vehicle and your possessions together without any inconvenience.


Now we have incorporated these special boxes in our packing material so that your delicate tv screens stay protected throughout the process. These boxes are embedded with foam from inside and rugged from outside.

3. Mandir packing

Mandir items are supposed to be dealt supremely that is the reason we have trained our team to pack these possessions in the most religious manner so that there is no norm that our team breaks or there isn’t anything that is not going to be convenient for you at least.